1979年に創立された、スペイン・カタルーニャ州の州都、バルセロナにあるアート・ギャラリー、Sala Dalmau(サラ・ダルマウ)。特にスペインの現代芸術家に焦点を当て、近代および前衛的な芸術を展示してきた長い歴史を誇ります。

Sala Dalmau is an art gallery located in Barcelona, Spain. Founded in 1979, the gallery has a long history of exhibiting modern and avant-garde art, with a particular focus on Spanish modern artists.


Some of the major artistic movements represented in Sala Dalmau's exhibitions include surrealism, modern art, abstract art, and contemporary art. The gallery's diverse range of exhibitions reflects its commitment to showcasing the latest developments in the art world while also honoring its rich historical legacy.

  • "Untitled" by Jorge Gay - 2008


In addition to its exhibitions, Sala Dalmau has also been involved in the publication of art books and catalogs, and has played an important role in the dissemination of Spanish art and culture. Today, the gallery continues to be an important cultural institution in Barcelona, hosting exhibitions and events that showcase the latest developments in contemporary art.

  • "Perfiles" by Manuel Ángeles Ortiz - 1982

  • "Cabeza" by Manuel Ángeles Ortiz - 1959


From HEREU we believe that his cross-disciplinary partnership is a unique opportunity to celebrate modern art and culture as well as supporting and showcasing artists and creative talents.

  • "Juegos Aéreos" by Eduardo Vega de Seoane - 2018