Santa & Cole はスペイン、バルセロナのデザイン会社です。 1985 年以来、彼らはホスピタリティ、職場、住宅プロジェクト向けの照明と家具製品のデザインと開発に従事してきました。

Santa & Cole is an editing company from Barcelona, Spain. Since 1985 they have been engaged in the design and development of lighting and furniture products for hospitality, the workplace, and residential projects.


Their signature lamps "TMM" and "Cestita" by Spanish designer Miguel Milá are now available on our "Souvenirs" collection.

さらに、Santa & Coleは、自分たちのオブジェクトと本が物質的感性のさらなる理解に貢献するため、切り離せないものであると強く信じています。彼らの出版物: Antonio Arnesto & Rafael Díez 著『Jose Antonio Coderch』、Jaume Freixa 著『Josep Lluís Sert』も購入できます。

Furthermore, Santa & Cole strongly belive that their objects and books are inextricable as they both contribute to a further understanding of material sensibility. Their publications: "Jose Antonio Coderch" by Antonio Arnesto & Rafael Díez & "Josep Lluís Sert" by Jaume Freixa are also available to purchase.