The brand name HEREU was named after the word "heir," which means "heir" in Catalan, a language used in the area of ​​Barcelona in eastern Spain. As the name suggests, since its founding in 2014, the company has been producing shoes, bags, and leather goods with traditional yet modern designs, all of which are made in family-run factories in Spain.

The brand's innovative designs are based on a combination of traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation, modernist works, and organic shapes found in nature. The brand's foundation is based on the relaxed, unpretentious style sensibility that is unique to Spain, a country bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

HEREU takes its name from the Catalan word for “heir”. True to this definition, the brand has worked since 2014 to produce contemporary accessories that redefine a distinctive heritage. HEREU's shoes, bags and small leather goods are crafted in Spain by a network of family-run manufacturers.

A rich palette of references - including inherited folk techniques, modernist artworks and organic forms found in nature - ensures that aesthetic innovation is always central to the HEREU design process. Also underpinning the brand's ethos is a distinctly Mediterranean sensibility, characterised by a laid back attitude and an understated approach to dressing.