Regarding delivery

Shipping is only available within Japan.


For shoppers who are outside Japan, please access HEREU STUDIO for international shipping services.


1. Shipping Fees

Shipping costs for each order are 660 yen (tax included) nationwide.

2. About the delivery company

Delivery will be made by Yamato Transport.


3. Delivery time

We usually deliver within 1 to 3 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) after receiving your order. Delivery times may vary depending on the destination region, weather, traffic conditions, etc. If we need more time to prepare your order, we will contact you separately.


4. Specifying delivery date and time

You can specify the delivery date and time when placing your order. If you would like the item to be delivered as soon as possible, please leave the delivery date and time "unspecified."
*Even if you specify a delivery date and time, arrival may be delayed due to traffic conditions or weather on the day, or the shipping status of the delivery company.

[Specify date]

The available dates are displayed.


[Specify time zone]

1) Morning
2) 14:00-16:00
3) 16:00-18:00
4) 18:00-20:00
5) 19:00-21:00