Cecilie Bahnsen x HEREU

  • Cecilie Bahnsen is a Danish designer who shares HEREEU's passion for craftsmanship.

  • Our relationship with Denish designer Cecilie Bahnsen is built on the shared passion for craftsmanship.

HEREU's Puntera is updated with Cecilie's signature haute couture fabrics.

HEREU's Puntera style updated using her signature couture fabrics.

The cushioned rubber sole loafers complement the romantic and feminine elements of the collection, while HEREU's signature Raiguer and Alda Sport shoes are embellished with blown glass by artist and friend Nina Nøgaard, a Copenhagen-based glass designer.

The stomp cushiony rubber-soled loafers are the perfect foil for the collection, weighing down the romance and femininity. Our signature styles Raiguer and Alda Sport are adorned with a handmade blown glass embellishment from artist and friend of the house Nina Nøgaard.