Footwear styles such as Puntera and Llasada recall the simplicity of canvas exercise pumps and jazz shoes traditionally worn by dancers. Pieces from the supple capsule represent the delicate side of HEREU.


The idea for the feather-light pumps, that punctuate HEREU’s seasonal collections, originally came from the distinctive lambskin loafers worn in the 1970s and 80s. They contrast the sturdy styles constructed using thicker leathers. 


HEREU’s design approach is formed around elevating practical details. Knots of various sizes can be found throughout the brand’s collections. Closely connected to Mediterranean coastal communities, HEREU often looks to maritime details for inspiration. The knot is a perfect example of this process, having been repurposed in both a functional and decorative capacity. 

  • さまざまな仕上げを施した非常に柔らかいラムスキンで作られたソフトシューズコレクションは、レースアップの留め具やプリーツのあるつま先、ノットリボンのディテール、しなやかなレザーアウトソールとゴム製のヒールが特徴です。


    The soft shoes collection, crafted in ultrasoft lambskin with different finishings, feature lace-up fastenings, pleated toe and knotted-bow details. The shoes feature flexible leather outsoles with a rubber heel.