The minimalist design seen in many HEREU products highlights details such as the texture and weave of the material.
The exploration of traditional weaving has resulted in many signature pieces, including the TRENA crossbody bag.

The minimalist approach that characterises many products is contrasted by regular experimentation with texture and craft details. Research into traditional weaving techniques has led to the development of a number of signature pieces, including TRENA, a casual crossbody bag.

Crafted from soft calfskin, the bag features a hand-woven leather panel that doubles as a convenient front pocket.

Constructed in soft calfskin, the bag features a panel of hand-woven leather which acts as a useful front pocket.

Produced by Rodriguez, one of HEREU's partner manufacturers, this detail represents a mark of appreciation for traditional craft techniques, recalling the twinning technique used in the production of wicker baskets.